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Town of Marcellus Community
Shredding Event

In conjunction with Town Trash Days,
the Town of Marcellus will sponsor
an on-site shredding event at the
Marcellus Town Hall, 24 E. Main Street
on Saturday, May 3 from 9am until noon.
This event is open to all town residents.
All confidential documents will be shred
on-site using a state-of-the-art shred
Residents may witness the shredding
process. No permit is required. Paper
only please. No electronic items will
be accepted. Contact the Town Hall at
673-3269 for more information.

Letter to Senator DeFrancisco
Regarding the Property Tax Cap

• Will it Flush?
Although products like facial tissues,
dental floss, cotton swabs, kitty litter
and flushable wipes may flush down the
toilet, they can cause clogged pipes for
you and your neighbors.
Watch this entertaining and educational
and please flush responsibly.

• Village of Marcellus 2013 Revised Code

• The New York State Public Service
Commission will hold public statement
hearings concerning options for area
code relief in the 315 area code region.
Each hearing will be preceded by an
information session at which staff of
the Department of Public Service will
describe the proposals and be available
to respond to questions.
Click here for more information

• Proposed Marcellus Village Creek Walk:
Design studies began for an overall project
extending northerly from the Town of
Marcellus Park along Nine Mile Creek to
Mustang Drive, near Marcellus HighSchool.
Since the initial designs were created,
alignments have been altered, and the
project has now been divided into a
Southern Segment and a Northem Segment.
Read the project details here
Submit written comments here

• Village of Marcellus Receives $600,000
Sewer Consolidation Grant

• Sewer Pollution Right to Know

• Stormwater Management Program:
The Village of Marcellus is required to
prepare a Stormwater Management Annual
Report as part of the New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation’s
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems
The purpose of the MS4 permitting
requirements is to prevent stormwater
from adversely affecting surface water
bodies. An overview of last year’s
activities as well as plans for this upcoming
year is included within the the report.
Click Here for Details and to View the Report

From Mayor John Curtin...

Welcome to our great Village!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Village of
Marcellus, its employees as well as the residents of our
community, I would like to extend a warm welcome. We
are pleased that you chose to visit our web site and hope
that you find it interesting, helpful and easy to use.

We are a friendly community of quiet tradition and
comfortable living and proud of our Village, as illustrated by
the many welcome banners that grace our streets and the
entrance signs that greet both visitors and residents.

"When Fred decided to run for a 3rd term
as Mayor in  2002, I asked him “why?”
 He said, “Because I love  being Mayor
of Marcellus.”
 And he did love that job!"

Our Village is over 150 years
old and our residents, like those
who first settled the community,
continue to exhibit an optimism
that is reflected in their daily
lives - an optimism that is
common in many small towns
where, to quote the lines of a
1990s television show,
"everybody knows your name."
Our people work hard at their
jobs and they work energetically
on volunteer projects that
promote the best interests of
our community.

They raise their children to be God-fearing and expect good
behavior from them. They insist on good schools for their
children and are willing to pay the expense that is involved
in providing such opportunity. They practice the faith of
their fathers and they live it. They expect to triumph over
adversity as had their forefathers and they convey this
attitude to their offspring. They take pride in their homes
and their community and as each new year arrives, they
renew the commitment and resolve that is their legacy.

Our Village is made up of families and friends and neigh-
bors who view their town as a great place to live and
a welcome home - a place that, from the top of East Hill
or West Hill welcomes them home each night.

We are anxious to extend any help that we can or assist
you in any adjustments that you may experience. As you
explore our site, you will find information regarding the
services and programs of all Village departments. You will
also find that you are able to download a number of Village
forms, such as a building permit application. You will also
have access to other segments of the Marcellus community,
including links to the Town of Marcellus, the Marcellus
Historical Society, the Marcellus Park, the Marcellus Free
Library, and the Marcellus Central School District's home
pages, as well as the listing of local businesses and local
events calendar.

Office hours at the Village Hall are Monday through Friday
from 9:00 AM to 4:30 p.m. If you need information on
recycling, trash pick-up, utility bills, etc., please do not
hesitate to call the Village Office at 673-3112. If you wish to
contact the Village via email, click here. We also encourage
you to offer suggestions on how the Village and our web
site can serve you better.

We welcome you and invite you to stop by and visit us at
the Village Hall. We will be happy to show you around our
community and answer any questions that you may have.
We are here to meet your needs. ~

Mayor Curtin in the 2013 Memorial Day parade

Hi Alyssa & Connor!

In Memory of Fred Eisenberg


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